Healthy Lunchbox Meal Ideas

Healthy Lunchbox Meals Ideas (3)

Packing your lunchbox with healthy meals can be quite a challenge especially if you work a 9-5 job and barely have time to venture out of the office to eat.

The same goes for kids who have to carry food to school. A lot of people go for the easy option, which is to fill the lunchboxes with snacks and junk food. Kids need to eat well balanced and healthy meals in order to grow and develop properly. Adults too must take care of their health by eating meals that contain essential nutrients without stuffing themselves with unhealthy products.

Here are some healthy lunchbox meals ideas to help you through the week:

  • Day 1

For the first day, you can pack quinoa burger, strawberries, one boiled egg, vegetable salad, and unsweetened orange juice. On the first day of the second week, you could try double decker sandwich with ham and salad. Ensure that the ham contains only a small amount of salt. Also, carry some mixed dried fruit and a bottle of water.

  • Day 2

Mix it up a little bit and please your taste buds by carrying baked salmon and avocado, vegetable salad, grapes and a bottle of water. The following week you could try tuna pasta salad with spring onion, cherry tomatoes, and green pepper. Add to this fresh fruit salad, a slice of banana cake and unsweetened apple juice.

  • Day 3

When choosing healthy lunchbox meals for the third day of the week, you could go with leftover vegetable pie, cracker, slices of apple and a piece of grilled chicken. An alternative could be Mexican chicken wrap, baby corn and carrot sticks, mixed fruit salad, yoghurt drink and some pieces of malt loaf.

  • Day 4

An awesome meal idea for the fourth day would be easy kale salad (shredded deli meat and kale), leftover pizza and strawberries. One could also opt for spicy beans mixed with vegetables, raspberries, low-fat white cheese and fruit smoothie that is made using semi-skimmed milk.

  • Day 5

Baguette stuffed with tinned salmon salad, dried apricots, an orange and a bottle of water. On the second week, you could pack skinless chicken drumsticks, vegetable salad, banana bread, watermelon and a bottle of water.

Healthy Lunchbox Meals Ideas (2)

Important tips for your healthy lunchbox meals

Always ensure that you pack your lunchbox with meals that contain important nutrients. Do not make your lunchbox boring by carrying the same meals over and over again. Try to switch up a little bit and make your packed meals interesting. To save time and money, one could always carry leftover food.

Solutions For When You Are Pregnant And Have No Insurance

Having a child can be one of the most amazing things that can happen to anyone. However, it has its challenges and especially during pregnancy where one faces a lot of them. Perhaps the most challenging one is pregnant, and you have no insurance. This can be stressful to a lot of expectant mothers, but there are solutions to this. These solutions will help you get through this difficult period with ease so that you can give birth to a healthy baby with no complications at all.

Having no insurance can be a daunting thing but below are some things that you can do if you are pregnant and have no insurance.

Solutions For When You Are Pregnant And Have No Insurance

  • Marriage

The open enrollment period for signing up for insurance can be overlooked in some special cases, and marriage happens to be just one of them. Although it is not highly advisable that you get married for the sole benefit of getting insurance, it is, fortunately, a solution. After the wedding, you have up to thirty days to enroll for the plan that suits you. So, if you are engaged to be married, you might want to do it sooner rather than later. If you have a boyfriend, this is the time to talk to him about this plan as it is one of the best solutions that you and the baby that you are carrying have.

  • Self-pay patients discountsSolutions For When You Are Pregnant And Have No Insurance

The self-pay patient discounts can be found in a lot of hospitals if you have no insurance. Many doctors, as well as health facilities, will give you a substantial discount if you are pregnant and have no insurance. You will even be surprised to find that the insurance is significant enough if you pay upfront. So, this is the best time for you to get to research what hospitals offer such incentives and take advantage of that offer. After you have located a good hospital that you can reach, put your negotiation skills to work and you will be surprised at the amount of discount that you can get from them.

  • Sign up for health insurance during the Annual Enrollment Period

This depends on what country you are in, but the important thing is that when this time is available don’t let it slip by. This is a perfect opportunity for you to plan for your baby and therefore you should sign up. This is the best option for long term care and you are assured that you are well taken of in case of anything.